BYOD Options


Taylors Lakes Secondary have two options to cater for families which are part of the BYOD program. The information below provides information regarding these options.


Option 1 - Purchase a device through the BYOD portal.

 Purchasing brand new devices are available via two TLSC web portals:


 Click the link to purchase through Apple



 Click the link to purchase a Windows
device through Learning with Technologies



This will initially cost


  • Cost of the device for the parent (independent of the school)




  • Computer technical support charge set for 2019 at $39 to cover network connection, maintenance and monitoring charges.
    (This charge is payable through Course Confirmation on Compass)


Students may already have a device at home that meets the College minimum requirements (below). In that case they can bring their device to school and the only fee will be the annual school charge of $39.


Option 2 - Purchase of a device from an independent supplier that meets the Schools minimum requirements.


Purchase or bring your own device that has been purchased totally independently of the College. In order for this to be used on the College network, the published minimum standards for the device must be met. These would need to be checked in advance. The College may not be able to provide onsite servicing and repairs as this may void your warranty.


Minimum Requirements for option 2

By ensuring the following requirements are met we will ensure that devices have adequate connectivity to connect to the College network and also ensure that students will have an adequate level of functionality to take full advantage of the current and emerging learning opportunities ICT can offer.

- Devices must have a minimum screen size of 9.7

- Devices must run either Windows 8 (or above) or iOS 6 (or above) or apple snow leopard (or above)

- Have an advertised battery life of at least 6 hours

- Built-in camera

- Adequate internal storage capacity so as not to drain unnecessarily on the school internet speed through excessive cloud transfer

- Identification of the device when on the network and monitoring to ensure that students do not breach the acceptable use agreement.

- Ability to support a range of common applications, including spreadsheets, word processing, picture & video editing, presentation software, and access to internet,

- Antivirus software must be installed and up to date at all times


NB: At this time the College cannot support Google Chrome Books, Android tablets or iPad minis