This tutorial was made using a Windows-based operating system. However, the MAC OS installation is very much the same.

1)      Go to

Select ‘Continue to Australia’ when prompted.


3)      Click Sign In – (found on the top right)

4)     Proceed to sign in with your student credentials and click ‘Continue’ (make sure to include


5)     You will then be sent to the Victorian Education page where you will log in again. This time you do not need the extension. E.g




6)      Under your profile, click on Desktop Apps.




7)      The next page will give you the selection of apps you wish to install. Below each program will have a Download icon. Select your choice and click ‘Download’.


8)      The Program will start to download automatically, click the set-up to run once it has downloaded.


The program will start to install. Please be patient.



10)   A dialog box will show that Installation has completed and Photoshop will open.


11)   On MAC OS, you may need to go to the Applications folder to find the Installed Adobe software.


12)   With the program open, go to Help (up top) and check if your school email has been registered with the program. Installation and registration has completed.